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"That reed is incredible (Hahn synthetic)!! I feel like I just discovered buried treasure! It makes the Fibracell sound like a cheap imitation. WOW- easy altissimo, full sound throughout, versatile. I have GOT to try this thing on my other horns. This could mean the end of dry reed syndrome, and that seems almost too good to be true. I would like to order: . . . .

Thanks again. Considering the time and money I've spent over the years on reeds, this is truly awesome!!!!

God Bless,

Chris Lang
Field Director
Prison Fellowship
Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming Area"

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"I got the gear in the mail today, and have spent the past 3.5 hours using it. In all honesty, I was expecting the Hahns to be just decent. They are, however, the BEST, and most responsive reeds I have ever used! Kiss Vandoren goodbye!

Thanks again so much!

Michael Carmona
Renton Washington

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"The word that covers it, is "WOW!!!!!!" It plays and speaks perfectly on my #6 Gregory, and my #6 WW Two Clear Brillhart. No buzzing like the Hartmanns either.

I can phrase pianissimo to wide open without any problem, barely moving my embouchure, unlike everything else I have tried. Thanks so much for the service, and let me know. This thing (Hahn Synthetic Reed) is incredible.

Kindest Regards,

Jeffrey Beals - Professional Baritone Saxophonist, Washington State

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"Hahn reeds are the best synthetic reed I ever played (I tried Fibracell and Bari), they're a bit brighter than natural cane reeds (Vandoren), they perform and behave like natural cane reeds in the remaining fields.

Pablo Zermoglio
Músico Profesional
Buenos Aires, Argentina"

"Surely, Hahn reeds are a new and different alternative for the actual saxophone players. There's 3 key points which make them unique and different to  other synthetic and natural cane reeds. 

The first is the sound:  With Hahn reeds you can achieve a more brilliant, agressive and edgy sound. You could sound like the great funk or rock & roll saxophone players.

The volume: These reeds are the most powerfull reed in the market.

Lasting: Tomorrow, your reed will sound like it's sounding today and this situation will repeat for a long time.. You avoid the problem of not being sure if you will be able to use the same reed you're using today.

Also, they make the higher notes to project better, they're great for people who begins to study altissimo register.


Paul Viparke

Saxofonista Profesional (E.M.B.A.)
Buenos Aires, Argentina"

"After trying every synthetic reed I can get in Argentina, I knew Hahn reeds and I realized that reed must not be a problem for saxophone players. Due its response, sound, long lasting and peformance, Hahn reeds are my first choice when I play saxophone.

Lorena Pruneda
Buenos Aires, Argentina"

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