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The Hahn synthetic reeds are by far the best synthetic saxophone reed I've played. They are very musical and I love the fact that they play the same regardless of climate, altitude or environment. I have found them to produce a very full and robust sound that is equally impressive on stage as well as in the studio. They produce rich, full overtones and the ease of response and articulation are excellent!

Darren Rahn - Denver, Colorado
Smooth Jazz Recording Artist, Producer and Artist Endorser for Hahn Reeds (www.darrenrahn.com)

courtesy of www.saxalley.com

Darren Rahn

Those Hahn Reeds were absolutely phenomenal. I have never played a synthetic reed that felt as ease in the lower register and responded in the altissimo range with ease and musicality. The consistency is out of this world!!! Props to Hahn Synthetic Reeds and to you Tim for bringing them to us.

Tony Exum Jr. - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Urban Jazz Artist Endorser for Hahn Reeds
(www.tonyexumjr.com -  Debut CD entitled "Finally")

courtesy of www.saxalley.com

Tony Exum Jr.

I was using Hahn reeds hardly for the last 4 months and they're very effective. I recommend them, they work great for me.

Oscar Kreimer - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pop/Rock Saxophone Player Endorser for Hahn Reeds
Oscar Kreimer

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